Anyone can become a manager; it depends solely on how badly they want it. Managing people and building teams is a skill that can be learned.

My name is Rohit Menon, and over the past decade, I have had the opportunity to build, lead, and manage teams of highly skilled engineers in the software industry. Through this newsletter, I will be sharing stories, experiences, the good, the bad, the tech, the philosophy and more, in the hope that you can use them to enhance your managerial life and achieve success.

A good manager builds happy teams, and I hope you will find something here that helps you reach your managerial goals. In the process, I want your team and your management to recognize the impact you bring to the team. Whether you are a manager today or aspire to be one, this newsletter has you covered.

The suggestions from my articles here can be applied to any industry. I would also say that, while this newsletter is directed to managers and aspiring managers, the principles are applicable to all of us humans.

Here are few of my articles to get you started:

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