"There is nothing to be feared, it only needs to be understood."

You put it out there just so simply! Thank you Rohit for sharing your journey with us.

Overcoming that fear is the key. Keeping your head down and not letting that constant anxiety take over. That leads to the path of either success or failure.

We forget so easily that the competition is not with others, it is just taking one small step and continue being better than yesterday.

Like Harsha, I was smiling reading the mind chatter that goes in every mind at some point of their life/career.

Knowing that I am not alone and almost everyone faces this, is reassuring. If everyone can overcome it, so can I.

Thank you again! Until I read your blog(which I read twice), I used to feel having imposter syndrome is a weakness, but it is indeed a good thing, it shows we are aware that we are capable, we have the ability and we can leverage it to becoming one of our greatest strengths :)

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I was thinking about it today as I am in a new role in a startup working for AMD. You know I couldn't get into databricks (attempted twice - they came to me) but universe brought me here. Now in a month I have been given the task to manage 12 people, 2 teams which I have never done before. I had this feeling in 2011, when I moved from services company to product (in IBM) and always feel this "imposter syndrome". I am glad am not alone and am sure I won't freeze now. As soon as I read your first sentence in this blog, I was smiling :) you know why!!!!

Your true follower!



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